Daily Tasks

Make sure you fulfill all those little daily tasks

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Daily Tasks is a basic visibility-focused to-do list for those of you who need to perform each day a series of little tasks.


Main features

  • Simple execution: just create a tasks.properties file along with your JAR to configure your application and tasks.
  • Do not lose sight of your tasks! The default behavior for the Daily Tasks is to stay on top of your other windows.
  • Choose the look that suits you better. Daily Tasks comes with a set of themes you can choose from. Select a vividly-colored one to make sure you do not forget anything.
  • No installation required (maybe not exactly true: Java is required for this application to run).
  • Daily focused: the state of your tasks is not persisted between sessions, which means you begin with a blank slate each day.

Want your own?

Download a pre-compiled version

Just go to the release page of the project, and download the binary you are interested in.

Alternative: Download and compile

This project is built using Maven. There are no special profile nor goal, and you can obtain a fully functional executable JAR using the following command

mvn clean package

The JAR file will then be in your target directory, and you should be able to execute it by double-clicking it.

If you run it just now however, you will only get an error message because the configuration file cannot be found.


To run properly, Daily Tasks expects to find a tasks.properties file along with the JAR file (or at least available on the classpath.

Below is a sample properties file. It is straightfoward and will not be described further.


# Specify a locale
# Use xx or xx_YY with xx being the ISO code for language and YY the ISO code for country.
# Leave blank to use the system default.

# true to display tasks on top of other windows
# false otherwise

# Choose a theme

# === TASKS === #

# change the separator if you need to use the default on in your tasks description
tasks.todos=Task 1;Task 2;Task 3

More information is available on the wiki.


Here are the available themes. Some are vivid or even ugly, but one of the point of this application is to remain visible no matter what.

  • GRAY
  • DARK
  • BLUE
  • CYAN
  • RED
  • PINK

Run automatically on each boot

Many methods can be used, but here is the recommended one for Windows.

  1. Find a safe location on your hard disk where you can put your JAR and tasks.properties file.
  2. Create a shortcut to your JAR file (I called mine Daily tasks).
  3. Move the newly created shortcut to your Startup directory. If you have trouble finding this directory, do the following:
    • Click Start, then All programs.
    • Locate and right click the Startup folder, then click Explore.
    • There you are, you just have to paste your shortcut, and Daily Tasks should startup automatically on next boot.

Please remember you will have to Java (1.6+) installed on your machine for Daily Tasks to run.

Specify another configuration file

If you cannot write your configuration file in the same directory as your JAR, you can run your application with the command line to force it to use another file:

java -jar /path/to/your/daily-tasks.jar /path/to/your/configuration.properties

You can use this command in .bat or .sh file according to your operating system, and have this file executed on boot, or launch it on demand.

For coders and interested


Please refer to the issues.


Code is under Apache License, Version 2.0.

Feel free to fork, edit, enhance, share, ... Any feedback is welcome too!